e-balance work plan

e-balance’s work plan covers a 3-year and a half period and involves 11 partners from 5 countries. Project activities and results areas are divided into 7 work packages that deal with research, demonstration, and dissemination to achieve the future replicability.

Covers the overall management and coordination issues of the project. This includes coordinating research and technological development that is embedded within the other work packages.
It will analyse technical and socio-economic aspects (survey-based) to ensure proper definition of the overall architecture and features taking into account. Efforts of social researchers will be combined with IT professionals to ensure high level of data security, contingency and accuracy of the results.
It will propose and define the overall system architecture, interfaces and interdependencies.
It will propose and define the communication platform. This task covers all the levels of the energy grid, i.e., communication with individual home appliances but also communication between higher level management units.
It covers all the energy and resilience algorithms/mechanisms for the energy control and management. Models for prediction of energy production and consumption will be also developed.
The technical solution will be based on available state of the art results and will combine them according to the socio-economical requirements with necessary adaptation. The proposed energy management platform will be evaluated in realistic scenarios using real world set-ups in Alliander microgrid in Bronsbergen and EDP Smart Grid in Portugal, as well as in emulation. In order to stimulate the exploitation of the results we will provide a guide book and tools for parties interested in using our solution, to help them to estimate the improvements they can achieve for a given deployment as well as the costs they can expect.
It works towards exploitation and dissemination of results, and ensuring there is a sound strategy for the uptake of e-balance solutions where they are implemented.