Demosites overview

The e-balance platform is deployed and evaluated in two real life demonstrators, located in Portugal and The Netherlands respectively.


At the EDP Smart Grid in Batalha, located in the centre region of Portugal.

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The Netherlands

At the Alliander microgrid in Bronsbergen, in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands.

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Additionally, the project also deals with an in-lab demonstrator at the IHP premises, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, which provides an emulated grid at a small scale that simplifies the integration process and allows testing critical use cases both for low voltage and medium voltage grid.

Batalha (Portugal)

Batalha is a Portuguese municipality located in the centre region of Portugal. With less than 20,000 inhabitants, Batalha is a religious tourism city due to Batalha monastery, a building built to thank the divine help granted within a historical battle between Portugal and the crown of Castile, Spain. The monastery follows gothic architecture and its construction during two centuries, between 1387 and 1533.

The first demonstrator in Batalha (Portugal) focus on creating the means to enable a Distribution System Operator to:

  1. Measure in a near real-time approach, consumption power flows within the LV grid
  2. Measure in a near real-time approach, production power flows from distributed energy resources (photovoltaic low voltage producers)
  3. Detect blackouts / outages within the electrical grid
  4. Detect and locate fraud power flows
  5. Locate and detected the cause of faults within the electrical grid
  6. Calculate energy distribution losses
  7. Calculate with more accuracy quality of service performance indicators

For such propose, two localities within the Municipal of Batalha were chosen. Mostly of grid power cables are aerial. Within ‘Golpilheira’ locality, 149 customers are supplied by feeder 2 from the secondary substation BTL 0011. Within this locality, 1 Photovoltaic energy producer is feeding energy into the electrical grid.

Within ‘Jardoeira’ locality, 43 customers are supplied by circuit 5 and 17 customers are supplied by circuit 6 from secondary substation BTL 0054.

In order to achieve previous demonstration purposes, the e-balance technical solutions are applied to increase the monitoring capability of electrical grid assets. Such solutions should bring more monitoring capabilities for the Distributor System Operator. In addition, the current Smart Metering deployed technology assists the accuracy of e-balance algorithms by collecting anonymously non personal and technical energy data from the current smart meters within customer households.

Bronsbergen – Zutphen (The Netherlands)

The second demonstrator, focused on energy balancing, energy resilience and energy prediction in the low voltage segment, is deployed at the Alliander grid, in the holiday park of Bronsbergen, Zutphen, The Netherlands. The test site is a microgrid that encompasses the low voltage distribution grid in the holiday resort, whose photo is shown below. Of the total of 210 cottages, 100 cottages have PV panels installed in the roof, which can deliver a peak power of 315 kW. Electric energy in the park is supplied to the cottages through a low voltage grid fed from one 400 kVA distribution transformer, which is located into a concrete enclosure on a central location in the park. The electric consumption peak from this transformer is 90 kW. One of the cottages has been bought by Alliander and equipped with a large amount of energy storage (700 kWh of rated energy storage). The goal of this storage is twofold. It provides stability during islanding operation and it improves the power quality.

The use cases defined within the project (WP2) are allocated to one or the other demonstrator according to their characteristics in order to be carried out and evaluated.