Bronsbergen demo

What does this “balancing” mean for the park Bronsbergen?

On the one hand, we will try to match the amount of energy that is delivered to the grid by the cottages with the energy that is withdrawn from the grid. Thus, when a neighbour has a shortage of energy and you have a surplus, this will be matched. This is done for the entire park simultaneously. When we cannot bring the energy being put back onto the grid and the energy being withdrawn from the grid in balance with each other after all, it is not a problem! The remaining energy will automatically be transported to the “outside” electricity grid or withdrawn from it.

On the other hand, we will offer the participants of the project the same capabilities on the household level. This means that you will attempt to use as much of the energy produced by your roof as possible locally in your household, independent of what your neighbours are doing.

How do I influence my energy exchange?

You don‘t have to! Your devices will do this automatically for you! The only thing you have to do, is to set your Whirpool washing machine and or dryer to “remote control” or “demand response”. Of course you are in full control! You choose when you fill up your washing machine or dryer with laundry. After that, you indicate when the machines need to be finished with their program and which program should be used. After that the e-balance system automatically determines when the device needs to start, to make sure it ends its program before the time you have indicated.

Unlocking flexibility

At Bronsbergen our focus is mainly on the participation of households. As we are working with an automated system, we need to ensure that the participants of the project also have devices that actually work with the e-balance system! Therefore we teamed up with Whirlpool to supply us with smart washing machines and dryers. The machines in question possess what Whirlpool calls “Connectivity” and in particular consist of the “6th Sense” product group.

Visit Supreme Care by Whirlpool

What do you do with the PV inverter?

The project Increase has supplied several participants with smart remotely controllable PV inverters. The project e-balance integrates this remote control characteristic in its energy manager. This allows us to also use the PV inverters in emergency situations, next to the Whirlpool appliances. For example, these inverters can be used to aid with resolving expected voltage problems on the electricity grid.

Insight into your energy consumption

By logging on the energy manager, you can get information about the energy characteristics of your household. It shows how much energy you have produced, how much you have used, what your exchange with the grid has been and how it relates to the other participants.

For the grid operator

The grid operator functionalities of the e-balance system deployed at Bronsbergen consist out of congestion management and insight into the loading of the grid. The basis for this system consists of the smart integration of local measurements, predictions and historic smart meter data. This will eventually be realised by means of “pseudo state estimation”, with which measurements and predictions are coupled to a grid model. This model can then be calibrated by means of loadflows in such a way that simulation and measurements coincide. Of course, standard grid statistics will also be available.

When the loadflows indicate a possible energy supply issue due to too low or high voltages or too high currents, action will be taken. The balancing related planning diagrams will be accompanied by a grid status indicator. For this we will use the USEF colour coding . This coding exists effectively out of the following red signals:

  • Green: Everything is OK
  • Yellow: We expect problems but we think we can solve it
  • Orange: We have an urgent problem or the expected deviation is so large that the Yellow code will not be sufficient enough (it will not result in enough improvement)
  • Red: Look up your candles!

Users can indicate which of their devices can be used during which colour code/grid status of the balancing system. By default, all controllable devices are set to “Green”. Storage devices can be set to Green or Yellow, depending on the needs of the user or the financial incentives or contracts that the user is receiving or is bound by. Devices which are set to Orange are for example PV inverters which can be used for curtailment.