Batalha demo

In Batalha municipality, the E-Balance project has as objective to demonstrate functionalities related with the Distribution system operator in a more active perspective on the management and supervision of the electrical distribution grid. Between the advantages of such demo site, we highlight the 3 principal functionalities to be achieved at Batalha:

Through several devices developed by E-Balance consortium and using the current smart metering infrastructure deployed at customer households, E-Balance will have a integrated vision about the status of energy delivery within the chosen grids affected to Batalha demonstrator. Such supervision will allow the distribution operator to be more proactive within the detection and location of faults occurred at low voltage distribution grid in select Batalha localities.
Devices placed at the grid will allow the distribution operator to know power flows related with consumption needs and production occurred at low voltage level. This power flows will allow the distribution operator to be able to identify the needs of population during each day.
Using results from previous algorithms, E-Balance system will allow the calculation of a set of performance indicators concerning the distribution of electricity. In a agnostic perspective, the system will measure quality of service regardless external factors. Additionally the achieved results will allow the distribution operator to know the losses of energy resulting on the exploration of electrical distribution grid as well as identify eventual commercial losses (fraud).

Deployment of the LV Grid Management Unit, LV Sensors and Smart Meters at one of the Batalha demonstrator sites

The deployment of the LV Grid Management Unit – LVGMU –, RF Mesh gateway, LV Sensors and Smart Meters – also known as EDP Boxes – was successfully performed at Secondary Substation PT011’s feeder no. 2 and public lighting circuit.

The secondary substation PT011 feeder no. 2 was subject to the deployment of eight 3-phase LV sensors also equipped with another sensor for the public lighting circuit, by INOV. Those sensors are marked in the map bellow with a green circle. Moreover, four 3-phase smart meters, by Efacec, were also deployed. Those smart meters are marked bellow with a green square. The secondary substation was equipped also with a Distribution Transformer Controller – DTC – by Efacec, as the main controller playing the role of the LVGMU, as well as with a RF Mesh gateway.