The e-balance Project aims at integrating the energy customers into the future smart-grids in order to address future environmental problems with holistic technical solutions based on ICT, new business models and citizens’ behaviour under real world conditions.

Project Features

Distributed Energy Resources

The e-balance system provides the means to match both time varying local renewable production and consumption.

Fractal-like Solutions

The e-balance system matches in topology and hierarchy the fractal-like electricity grids. Building an energy efficient future.

Smart-grid Business Models

People will be able to specify their preferences and interact with a new energy market where everyone participates as a “small energy plants”.

Smart Technology for People

e-balance applies user centred design to explore customers’ requirements through user experience and usability studies

& Privacy

e-balance will investigate the best technologies to protect your privacy and anonymise your information before it goes out your home.

Real life demos

The e-balance platform is deployed and evaluated in two real life demonstrators, located in Portugal and The Netherlands respectively.


The Netherlands

Bronsbergen demo

Locate your CMU by logging on the energy manager, you can get information about the energy characteristics of your household.


  • Alliander
  • EDP
  • EDP
  • efacec
  • IHP
  • INOV
  • Lesswire
  • University Lodz
  • OPI
  • University Malaga
  • University Twente

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